Hi, I’m Roger Browne. My friends and family and I operate Rising Sun Farm located in Wisconsin near the border with Minnesota. We have been in the business of unconventionally growing produce since 1976.

Our commitment is to feeding our customers and ourselves the most nutritious and flavorful food we know how to grow. We do this by feeding the soil a balanced diet of mineral nutrients, cover crops, plant waste and the droppings from our own chickens and turkeys.

Our 5-year rotations consists of 3 years of vegetables and 2 years of soil building cover crops. Most of our crops are mulched to protect against erosion and add additional organic matter. We top it all off with a generous supply of careful attention.

We follow the practices required by the USDA organic law. No prohibited materials are ever applied to our soils or crops.

We produce a wide variety of vegetables which are direct marketed to food co-ops, grocery stores, and restaurants within 25 miles of the farm. Our eggs, chickens and turkeys and maple syrup are available at our self-service farm store. We also have pick-your-own strawberries for three weeks starting about mid-June. Visitors and 1st time customers are asked to call ahead to arrange a visit. (715-425-6639)

These businesses offer our produce: River Market Co-op in Stillwater, MN; Whole Earth Co-op and Dick’s Market in River Falls WI; Shady Grove restaurant in Beldenville, WI; Rising Sun Farm is a partner of the “Buy Fresh Buy Local” campaign. ...